instruction for robot building


The PDF instructions are created in a "step by step" system and thanks to testing them on several dozen classes in different age groups, the assembly method is clear and understandable even for the youngest participants. Each instruction is provided for individual classes in the 90-minute system.
Construction time varies between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the stage of the robot and the age and skills of the participants.
High-quality PDFs allows you to enlarge individual construction elements, as well as print instructions and view them on paper.




Program samplesample program


The advanced program, attached to each robot, makes it not only widely used in education, but also extremely attractive in operation. The robots offered in our packages rely on interaction with the user - by operating various types of sensors and data delivery methods, the user controls the robot in an appropriate manner and tries to improve their skills in its use. Younger participants will have the opportunity to create an advanced program in less time, thanks to the use of MyBlock blocks and focus on understanding and using those elements of the program that are crucial for the robot's operation.