birthdays, birthdays with robotics, LEGO birthdays

We adjust leading theme of the birthdays to children's interest. We organise birthdays in Harry Potter, Star Wars, Minecraft™, LEGO®Friends™, LEGO®Ninjago™, LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ theme, amongs others.

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Birthdays schedule

birthdays, robotics birthdays, LEGO birthdays

1.Introducing guests to birthdays theme.

2.Building robots from LEGO®MINDSTORMS EV3™.

3.Cake and singing Happy Birthday.

4. Group mission with robots built by guest.

5. Free play: building LEGO®, board games, integration.

birthdays, cost, robotic birthdays, LEGO birthdays


40zł per person
minimal number of guests: 8
maximum number of guests: 15

birthdays, place, robotics birthdays, LEGO birthdays


RoboPlanet office
Sternicza 13
80-523 Gdańsk
entrance from PCK Street

birthdays Gdańsk, birtdays with robotics


2,5 hours